Private client case study: Underinsurance

We visited the client to undertake a full review of their household insurance programme covering their main residence, holiday home, contents, and valuables, including a watch collection


Following discussions with the client we identified the following issues:

  • The client had three separate policies, with three different renewal dates.
  • Whilst the client’s current buildings policy had been index-linked over the years the rebuild cost of the properties had never been formally reassessed
  • Despite large fluctuations in the values of watches in recent years the client was relying on values that were over five years old


We were able to support the client in several ways:

  • By working closely with the client and our insurer partners, we were able to deliver the above on one policy, with one renewal date and one point of contact.
  • We focused on engagement with insurers that were able to fund free desktop rebuild cost assessments for both properties, ensuring that the client would be correctly insured given the rise in building costs in recent years.
  • We introduced the client to an ecosystem partner that was able to commission a full valuation of the client’s watch collection.


The overall solution delivered comfort and family resilience to the client by:

  • Combining the three policies onto one, not only have we simplified the client’s paperwork, we were able to negotiate fairer premiums that offset the additional cover and better protected the client.
  • Increasing the protection for the client’s buildings by £500,000
  • Revaluing the watch collection and increasing the value by £120,000