Standing shoulder to shoulder with clients through a hard market

Unified by a shared emphasis on partnership, Partners& has worked with a Midlands based recycler, Mormet Aluminium, to design and secure a high-quality insurance programme, despite declining market appetite.

Incorporated in 1988, Mormet Aluminium Ltd is a specialist British processor and recycler of segregated alloys, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel. It also provides baling, shearing and spectrographic analysis. The Midlands-based team has built a reputation for quality and service by supplying the UK (United Kingdom) and international sectors with high-grade products for over 35 years.

The Challenge:

Years of economic turbulence and a hardening insurance market have caused many insurers to retreat from the recycling sector. With these difficulties mounting, Company Director Charles Lingard, was keen to partner with the right risk adviser to help him navigate the headwinds of their impending insurance renewal.

As Richard Grosvenor and the wider Partners& team began to work with the Mormet team on their renewal, they were able to demonstrate their experience and expertise in this unique sector and went out of their way to provide both an exceptional service and a competent advice platform.

The Partners& team walked the Mormet leadership through the process of building a robust presentation to the insurance market, a critical step given the difficulties of securing a premium in the sector. This gave them the confidence that their requirements would be presented in a way that truly reflected the excellent risk management culture embedded within their company and showcased the level of understanding the team had in this sector.


Having undertaken an in-depth review of the current insurance programme, Richard and the team began collating the risk management principles that the company had in place. Reviewing and updating their current Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Risk Register in line with the requirements of insurance underwriters, enabling the business to obtain the right programme for them.

Working together closely, Charles was able to experience first-hand the Partners& difference approach, which places an emphasis on upfront understanding of the client’s wider risk landscape to optimise the placement process. By challenging the business’ existing perception of risk, the Partners& team were able to offer a broader range of support.

In addition to their insurance programme, Richard was able to address exposures relating to cyber threats, as well as the Health and Safety requirements placed on company directors.


Despite the challenges in the sector, Richard and the Partners& team secured an insurance programme for Mormet Aluminium that was tailored to their needs, whilst also addressing some of their wider risks, which will enable them to build greater resilience into their business.

Mormet Aluminium now benefit from the specialist advice and personal service the team offers. Regular and structured touch points have been put in place throughout the year to ensure open lines of communication with both broker and insurer, cementing their relationship. They now have the confidence they have the advice and protection they need to ensure the continued success of their business – something they had been seeking for many years.

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