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Unlocking potential – empowering clients to reach new heights

Employers’ liability policy enhanced in less than 12 hours enabled network provider to win their biggest contract yet.

Being an enabler is core to our ethos. We take pride in supporting our clients to broaden their capabilities – especially when alterations in their insurance programme open up opportunities to nearly double their turnover.

The Challenge:

A client operating within the network connectivity sector was approached for a large local project providing their systems across 87 sites. The work required the client to operate at heights of up to 30 meters, six times the typical specified ‘working at height’ recommendation outlined in their existing insurance programme.


Immediately after the project was brought to the table, the client reached out to their advisory team at Partners& sharing at length the details of the proposed contract and how this would impact their business. Combining this new insight with the team’s existing in-depth knowledge of client’s business, the Partners& team were able to begin immediate negotiations with insurers on the company’s behalf.


Thanks to their swift response, Client Executive, Nathan Branham, was able to deliver both the protection they needed to adhere to the employer’s liability requirements of the project as well as the client’s newly enhanced capabilities – which provided the competitive advantage in securing the contract.

In addition to this new business win, the network provider was able to reap the rewards of their newly unlocked capability to operate at ‘unlimited heights’ enabling the team to work head and shoulders above other providers in their sector – literally and figuratively.

The Partners& team is always on hand to support you, and your business, year-round. We work in partnership with you to achieve shared success. To us, you are more than a policy number, you are a real person, with a real business. Together we are building something special – a shared journey of opportunity, ambition and growth.

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