The right business protection strategy could provide the cash you need to retain control of your business should you face the loss of a key person

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Why do you need specialist business protection insurance?

A business protection strategy provides the framework and funds to replace a key employee at difficult times and maintain revenues while you adapt to the new circumstances.

Smart business owners recognise that, in order to ensure the future success of their business, a resilient people strategy is critical. Not only can it minimise the impact brought about by the loss of people that your business relies upon, it can make sure the business remains in the right hands in the event of death or serious illness of a business owner and / or key employee.

Our team will work with you to develop and implement appropriate solutions to provide the stability you need to keep your business running if a tragedy were to happen. Keeping your business, your people and your livelihood protected.

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Business protection

We have been working with the team at Partners& for several months now and they are absolutely fantastic. The team have a wealth of knowledge and are excellent at giving us answers to any questions we may have, promptly and when we need them. They have helped us through some changes in our business which we thought were going to be really testing but with the expertise of the team at Partners&, these became effortless, and we now consider them essential to the management of our benefits platform, and a partner to our business. It feels great to be in good hands.

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We always come away thinking how lucky we are to have found this company and the people we deal with there - bet there's not many that can say that about their insurance broker!


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" You are fabulous"

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Do you have a “Company Will”?

Facio ut Facias - I do, that you may do, is a well-known Latin civil law term.

Thinking the Unthinkable

Business protection for franchisees
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Why Partners&

Partners& provide advice that is tailored around your business needs and requirements. Our benefit consultants and advisers have in-depth knowledge and are always at the forefront of new product enhancements or product innovations to provide the right advice for our clients.

As the name suggest, Partnership is in our DNA. We all share a common bond – to focus on excelling n what we do and exceeding all expectations.

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Knowledge and advice

We provide the knowledge and advice our clients require to make intelligent decisions in the wellbeing, health and protection space in order to attract and retain a healthy, productive workforce. Our vision is to shape the future of organisations across the UK to create a work culture that promotes happier and healthier employees.

We’re here to challenge the status quo and aim to establish a new level of service.


Business protection simply means to protect your business and its people. Should a director or key employee in the business suffer a critical illness or die, having the financial protection in place is vital allowing businesses to be able to recover quickly and minimise the impact and risks.

Every business wants to have its key people ready and available to work. But there is no shortage of surprises that can disrupt ‘business as usual’ – from serious illness to loss of life.