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AI presents a near-term cyber risk on UK business

In a recent report published by by the National Cyber Security Centre warns that AI is enabling cyber criminals to be more effective in their criminal activity. It’s a near-term risk that requires us all to be ever more vigilant.  If ever there was a time to review your cyber security, it’s now.

Read the Sky News report

On the BBC Today Programme, Gordon Corera, BBC Security Correspondent reported that, contrary to popular belief, it’s not just big business at risk – more and more smaller-mediums sized businesses, public sector organisations and sole traders are at risk of experiencing increased attacks with damaging repercussions – and it’s more than just the theft data to consider, it will also impact the services you offer.

How does it happen?

AI makes it easier for criminals to find vulnerable systems system vulnerabilities and figure out how to get into those identified systems them. They Using AI, the cyber criminals can more convincingly lure people more convincingly to engage with an email or text message and entice people to click on links that compromise your system and let the criminals in.

In a recent webinar hosted by Partners&, clients agreed that cybersecurity is a growing concern. An online poll taken during the event revealed that:

Whether you have a cyber policy in place or it’s something you’ve been thinking about, it’s best to speak with your adviser to ensure your business is protected against a cyber incident.