Create your own wellbeing calendar for 2024

Start 2024 off right! The New Year can be full of cliches, but there is never a better time to start something new! Why not take the opportunity of a ‘clean slate’ to start your team off on the right foot this year?

One of the easiest ways to engage your employees with your ED&I strategy is to start simply and to start with them in mind.

How to develop your own Wellbeing Calendar

Try breaking down the year into manageable chunks and develop your own wellbeing calendar to work towards this year. The idea is to encourage employees to focus on a different element of their wellbeing throughout the year.

Once you have sketched out your topics for the year you can begin to develop your plan for each area, arranging any associated resources, events, speakers, meetings or communications.

A great way to encourage engagement and help your wellness calendar land with your employees is to create a high-level visual to aid your internal communications. If you don’t have access to your own design team, Canva can be a great tool to get you started with designing your own templates.

Templates to get you started:

Below are two examples to help you get started – one from an annual perspective and another from a monthly perspective.


Our employee benefits partner, YuLife, have kindly shared their 2024 Yuniversal Calendar (which accompanies their benefits app) as inspiration of how a business might choose to break down the year and ideas for areas of focus.

Wellbeing Calendar


We like to kick-start the year with a wellbeing ‘crash course’ of sorts helping to ease our people into the New Year. Each week we cover a different topic from across the wellbeing spectrum. Not ready to commit to a full annual plan – why not plan your own wellness month instead.

Follow our template or create something bespoke to your people and pledge to keep to it together. Share photos, encouragement and top tips to keep the momentum going.

Partners& January Wellness month

Unsure where to start?

We have the perfect resource to kick-off the year and get those tastebuds tingling. Why not share our Meat-free cookbook with your colleagues for the perfect Veganuary recipe inspiration!

Partners& Meat free cook book

A taster of resources to come…

  • Make an impact – launch your own charity challenge
  • Top tips for fostering a culture that encourages internal networks?
  • Raising awareness for Menopause in and outside of the workplace
  • Mental Health First Aider training
  • Financial Wellbeing & Pensions