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Do you have an ED&I Strategy? Here’s your shortcut for getting started!

‘ED&I Strategies’ are gaining increasing attention – but what are they, why should a business have one and how can you implement one in your business?

ED&I stands for equity, diversity and inclusion. It’s all about creating working environments and cultures where every individual can feel safe, has a sense of belonging and is empowered to achieve their full potential.

It’s no secret that the employment landscape is rapidly evolving. As businesses look to respond to the intensifying war for talent and economic uncertainty, smart businesses are seeking ways to represent both the clients they serve and the talent they wish to recruit.

Get started with your ED&I Strategy – Join our BEAT Pledge today!

Kicking off a new initiative can be daunting. Time is tight, resources are pulled in many directions but you’re keen to push your business to the best it can be.

That’s why we developed our BEAT pledge. A collective declaration of commitment to championing the principles of BEAT in your workplace.

As we look to further develop the support we offer our BEAT Pledgees we are thrilled to be launching our BEAT in a Box toolkit to our Partners& network. Based off our multi-award-winning strategy this toolkit has been designed to help businesses kick-start or expand their own ED&I strategy.

Clients and members of our Partners& ecosystem can sign up for FREE to enrol your business to received exclusive access to our resources, training and insights. We hope that it will inspire you to join us in being the positive change within your business.

We recognise the role and responsibility we have as an employer to do what we can to help shape a fairer and more inclusive society. Together, let’s create workplaces that thrive on diversity, where everyone feels they belong.

Join the BEAT pledge today and make a positive change in your business!

Sign up to our BEAT Pledge for FREE, to receive exclusive access to your very own BEAT in a box toolkit or connect with a member of our team today to learn more.