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Feedback from the first “fun and informative” Partners& Employment Webinar

As a fast growing – and national – advisory business, Partners& is committed to providing our clients and partners with insight and information on the latest news, trends, and solutions that UK employers face today.

With this in mind, we recently launched the Partners& Employment Webinars, which are designed to deliver all the above detail in an engaging and entertaining way.

Don’t take our word for it! We’re pleased to share some of the feedback from recent delegates.

100% of the delegates considered our first event to be either “Good” (25%) or “Excellent” (75%).  And, almost all of them (99%) wanted to attend future Partners& events!

“This session was really great, I learnt so much and appreciated the approach and the tone, and pace of the session was fantastic”

“Really enjoyed this morning’s session”

“It was so inspirational, and a lot of thought went into this webinar”

“All the speakers were excellent”

“Great webinar, very informative. Will be watching out for future events. Thank you!”

“Content was excellent”

“I enjoyed the session today. Informative but not too formal”

“Very useful webinar, loads crammed into 2 hours. Very informative and a good pace.”

“Carefully considered and professionally delivered”

“A really useful and informative session, look forward to attending the next one!”

“Great and informative session”

“I thought the webinar was really excellent, very well prepared, a good pace and in depth with good analysis”

“All sessions were riveting and engaging”

“Great webinar.  Interesting and entertaining.  Thank you and well done!!”

If you missed our first event, please make sure that you are on the attendee list for our last event of 2022, and indeed for the 2023 series of events.

Attendance is free to delegates in human resources, payroll and finance roles, and of course business owners and C-suite professionals involved in day-to-day employment issues, too.

To be added to our invite list for future events, please register here.

Finally, should you have any thoughts for future topics and/or speakers, then please contact Steve Herbert directly.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next fun and informative event.