How our Cyber Security partner supports our clients

Advances in technology have provided unparalleled levels of convenience and innovation in the way we do business and how we live our lives – it has also increased our exposure to the risks of cybercrime. How long could you trade without access to your systems and/or data?

Background – Challenge

A global recruitment firm (and Partners& client), specialising in technology talent, suffered an attempted cyber intrusion and wanted to know what they should do to reduce the chance of a similar attack.

“We were keen to improve the cyber security awareness of our users alongside the enhanced technical security measures we introduced.”

The client also wanted to review the level of cyber insurance they carry.

What we did – Support

The Partners& team analysed the firm’s cyber risk profile and recommended staff awareness training to mitigate the chance of another attack.

We introduced Citation Cyber (formerly Mitigate) – a Partners& Ecosystem partner offering a range of cyber security services.

Citation Cyber supported our client with a training package which upskilled their team by using tailored, scenario-based CPD-accredited (continued professional development) cyber awareness training.

The outcome – Perform

Our client felt secure in the knowledge that they’d taken action to support their business become more resilient against future cyber threats:

“The advice we received was just what we needed to help us become better prepared going forward in terms of our user base as well as our insurance coverage.

A lot of the material covered is applicable to personal as well as professional scenarios which helped to engage our users and help them see the benefits of completing the course.

Citation Cyber now forms part of our new starter induction programme and will be a routine part of ongoing employee cyber security awareness”.