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In the news: January 2023

A short summary of some of the coverage featuring the Partners& team in the wellbeing, benefits, pensions, protection, and Human Resources media in the month of January 2023…

The Partners& team are now firmly established as a regular – and insightful – provider of expert commentary across a range of specialist media titles.

Below is a summary of just some of the key themes we have commented on in the month of January 2023 (with links embedded for those wishing to read the full article).

Mental health concerns

Recent research suggests that employees are often reluctant to admit mental health concerns to their colleagues and line managers.  Our own Steve Herbert adds some context and thoughts to this important finding.

Publication:  HR Magazine

Partners& research:  Second incomes

In January, we published our latest employer survey data, this time focussed on the potential surge in employees seeking a second (or even third) income, and how this development could be increasing people risks for the primary employer.

This research was reported in a variety of publications including HR, Finance, and employee benefit titles.  Below are three examples of this coverage, each with a different perspective suitable to the publication’s readership demographics:


The FTSE100 nears record high

Despite the economic gloom, the FTSE100 index was nearing a record high early in January 2023.  The LinkedIn News team asked various financial commentators – including our own Steve Herbert – for their thoughts on this rather contradictory situation.  A thoughtful and informative thread from experts in their respective fields.

Publication:  LinkedIn News

Our survey says…

Partners& research suggest that 2023 looks set to be a financially gloomy one for workers, with almost all employers expecting financial problems to increase for their employees.  This article explores the survey findings and considers possible employer responses to this challenge.

Publication:  The Partners& Website

A three-point plan for employers

The National Health Service (NHS) is facing a very real winter crisis.  How can employers best respond to this issue, and ensure that their employees receive treatment quickly and efficiently?  Steve Herbert sets out a simple three-step plan for employers to implement in his regular Employer News column.

Publication:  Employer News

Government response to “Menopause and the workplace” recommendations

The Chair of the House of Common’s Women & Equalities Committee has expressed disappointment regarding the government’s response to the Committee’s “Menopause in the workplace” report.  Steve Herbert, Wellbeing & Benefits Director, suggests a reason why political progress in this area might be a little slower than expected.

Publication:  Healthcare & Protection Magazine

That’s it for this month, but we will (of course) continue to update our followers with our latest posts, comments, research, and thoughts regularly.