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Is your personal data safe online?

Identity theft, phishing and financial loss are not threats reserved only for businesses. As technology continues to evolve so does our chances of personally falling victim to a cybercrime.

Should I be concerned about my personal cyber risk?

From online banking and shopping, to email, gaming and social media, it can be easy to overlook the volume of information that is stored about us and our family online. If you have received an email, text, or social media message that looked suspicious, you‘re likely to be one of 45 million people who have been targeted by cybercriminals, according to media regulator Ofcom.

Why is personal cyber protection important?

In the workplace there will probably be some level of defence, be it a knowledgeable IT team, firewalls, cyber insurance and online security measures set up to offer protection against cyber-attacks.

But what happens when you return home from work? It’s highly likely that there is much less, if any protection in place – yet there is no reduction in threat levels.

Introducing our Personal Cyber Protection Hub

Designed to provide cyber resilience advice to individuals and families, our Personal Cyber Protection Hub features an array of educational and advisory content to help protect you, your family and things that matter most.

Our series of personal cyber resources are designed to highlight the risks exposers of our modern life and what we can do to better protect ourselves and those we care about.