Partners& launches a sustainability action plan

 As part of its Challenger Strategy for 2024-26, Partners& has launched its Sustainability Action Plan, “Focusing on what matters: our people, our clients and our impact in our communities”, to deliver its ambition to lead the way as a sustainable insurance advisory business, characterised by

  • Targeting net zero across scopes 1 & 2 by 2030
  • Increasing social mobility through distinctive initiatives
  • Supporting clients on their own sustainability ambitions


Building on its award-winning diversity and inclusion programme, Partners& is committed to making conscious decisions to implement effective sustainability practices that will have a direct impact on its people, its clients, its ecosystem, the communities in which they operate and the world they inhabit.

The strategy is outlined in a 10 point plan, which is aligned to the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

Partners& has worked with a number of partners in the development of the strategy, including Aviva to help set the scene at its annual VIP Gathering, AXA Climate School to deliver climate change education to each colleague and to supports its carbon emission benchmarking.

CEO Phil Barton said: “We have a burning desire to challenge the status quo in our industry. We want to lead by example, to demonstrate that the ways of the past do not have to endure. In fact, the only way to become a truly resilient business is to respond to the world around us in a way that will enable our people and our business to thrive in a sustainable way.

“Our approach is based on partnership. We are working in collaboration with our ecosystem to deliver this strategy, and we will share the work that we do with all our partners, in the hope that they will derive inspiration and encouragement to make similar changes in their working practices – this approach will form the basis of our sustainability pledge.”


Partners& Sustainability 10-Point Plan

  1. Develop and launch the Partners& Sustainability action plan
  2. Align with relevant organisations to validate and recognise our action plan
  3. Evaluate our carbon footprint and implement key short, medium and long term actions
  4. Identify 3-5 short term decisions we can make now that will have impact
  5. Establish a cross-company sustainability action group
  6. Introduce sustainability education for all our people and establish sustainable thinking as BAU
  7. Establish a structured apprenticeship scheme in collaboration with Working Options
  8. Establish a return-to-work programme aimed at over 50s
  9. Develop a sustainability pledge and use our experience and network to encourage and inspire clients to star their sustainability journey
  10. Produce a scorecard which highlights our targets, and regularly tracks and communicates our progress


For more information about Partners& sustainability action plan, view the webpage here.