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Protection against online harassment and cyberbullying

Protecting against threats such as cyberbully, blackmail or grooming is a vital part of building your family’s online resilience.  

 Cyberbullying is bullying over the internet or via a mobile device. It is an attack or abuse, using technology, which is intended to cause another person harm, distress or personal loss.  

Spotting potential signs of cyberbullying in your children:


  • Your child’s behaviour changes immediately after using their phone or computer 
  • Your child is ‘moodier’ than usual, has trouble sleeping, frequently complains of illness or becomes withdrawn
  • Your child refuses to go to school, achieves lower grades than usual, stops mixing with friends, doesn’t want to take part in their usual sports, or doesn’t leave the house  


If any of your family members experience cyberbullying, threats or online grooming, encourage them to report it to the relevant platform or website. Many social media sites have a process in place to report abusive behaviour.  

Contact the National Bullying Helpline on 0300 323 0169 for advice on cyberbullying and online harassment.  

Recommended resources:

The government’s cyber watchdog, the National Cyber Security Centre, provides a wealth of online information to protect you and your family – from how to secure your devices, protect your data and stay safe online, to connecting with the right advice when the worst happens. There’s specific guidance on safe online gaming, online shopping and the safe use of social media.   


National Cyber Security Centre:

Cyber Aware - https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/cyberaware/home 


  • Advice to keep you secure online  
  • Email and Password security  
  • Get a tailored ‘cyber action plan’ for you and your family  


Phishing Scams – https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/phishing-scams  


  • How your family can spot scam emails, texts, websites & calls 
  • How to report suspected scams   
  • What to do if you’ve been the victim of a scam  


CyberSprinters – https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/cybersprinters  

Exciting interactive online security resources for 7 – 11 year olds 

CyberFlix – https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/blog-post/cyberfirst-11-14-interactive-video-and-downloads-help-secondary-school-kids-stay-safe-online

A new initiative, aimed at 11-14 year olds, that helps them navigate the risks of online life. 

Safewise – https://www.safewise.com/resources/internet-safety-for-teens/   


  • How to keep your teens safe online  
  • Advice on cyberbullying, sexting, identity theft, pornography, online predators  
  • Cybersecurity tips for online shopping  
  • Internet safety: how to avoid online scams 


National Bullying Helpline – https://www.nationalbullyinghelpline.co.uk/cyberbullying.html   


  • Advice on cyberbullying and online harassment   


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