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Why choose the Workplace Wellbeing Charter

Nothing in life is more important than good health. It’s widely acknowledged that workplace wellbeing is an essential aspect of any organisation. As such, a culture that centres around health can be a major draw for employees as well as helping you retain your top talent. An accreditation from the Workplace Wellbeing Charter demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to improving the lives of those who work there.

The Wellbeing Charter offers a wide range of health, safety and wellbeing related products and services so that you have clear guidance to support your staff and building in a positive way.

Partners& are working alongside Medicash and Health@Work to provide this for all clients.

But what are the benefits?

Expert Consultants:

Your Health@Work consultant and account manager will provide assistance by offering information, support and guidance that is tailored to your organisation. Upon completion of the accreditation, you will receive a full post-assessment report. This will include all findings and recommendations from the accreditation to facilitate your organisations wellbeing programme.

Organisation wellbeing assessment:

In addition, there is the option for all employees to complete an organisation wellbeing assessment. This will generate quantitative wellbeing data that goes far beyond basic health and safety legislative requirements. It’s a simple way to gather information about the health of your workforce enabling you to track progress against your wellbeing objectives.

Improving health:

By achieving the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, you will be demonstrating to your employees that you are making a commitment to their health and wellbeing. You will be helping them make positive lifestyle changes that will boost morale, improve teamworking and increase wellbeing awareness. Further health, safety and wellbeing training is available on request.

National award:

Your accreditation will be recognised across the United Kingdom and will clearly illustrate your organisations commitment to championing a positive health and wellbeing culture. You will be able to use the Workplace Wellbeing Charter logo on all of your marketing materials plus you will also receive a desktop award and certificate to display.


Help and support doesn’t end once you have achieved the Workplace Wellbeing Charter. At the end of your accreditation process your Health@Work account manager and consultant will discuss with you a number of initiatives that will prove beneficial to you and your employees including access to a range of wellbeing webinars.

An accreditation from the Workplace Wellbeing Charter not only demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to improving the lives of those who work there, it will make you stand out as an employer of choice.

During the accreditation process Health@Work’s consultants will work with you to assess your company’s performance against the eight pillars of the Charter. They will look at your current practices and policies and develop action plans to embed new practice, tackle problem areas or test how well your existing systems are working.

For more information on the Workplace Wellbeing Charter please get in touch with one of our advisors.