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| 29th September 2022

In the news: September 2022

A short summary of some of the media coverage featuring the Partners& team in the wellbeing, benefits, pensions, protection, and Human Resources space in the month of September 2022…

The rapid growth and expertise of the Partners& team is now being recognised by our much increased presence and expert commentary in the Human Resources (HR) and employer-facing media.

Below is a summary of just some of the key themes we have commented on in recent weeks (with links embedded for those wishing to read the full article).

9 in 10 employers expect employees to experience financial difficulties

A Partners& survey of more than 160 employers highlights growing concerns about employee financial wellbeing in the winter ahead. This article from the CIPD’s People Management magazine explores the research alongside a survey of employees from the Living Wage Foundation.
Publication: People Management

How do rising interest rates affect me?

The Bank of England’s (BoE) latest interest rate decision will add yet more cost pressures to millions of working households, whilst the BoE are also suggesting that the UK may already be in a technical recession.  LinkedIn News have selected Steve Herbert’s post on this topic as part of their round-up of commentary in this area.

Publication:  LinkedIn News

Supporting employees through the cost-of-living crisis

How can cash-strapped employers support their workers during the cost-of-living crisis? This HR Magazine item explores this issue, together with some practical ideas from the Partners& team.
Publication: HR Magazine

What do people need to earn?

So how do the National Minimum Wage, National Living Wage, and Real Living Wage match up to the cost-of-living crisis?  Steve Herbert of Partners& adds some thoughts to this very topical article for HR Magazine.

Publication:  HR Magazine

The war for talent continues

Despite a looming recession the UK’s unemployment rate is still at levels not seen since the early 1970s.  It follows that the war for talent is continuing, and this article from the Partners& website looks at simple – but low cost – options employers can consider to both attract and retain key talent in the months ahead.

Publication:  The Partners& Website

Peak problems?

What happens once the inflation peak has been passed, and how long will disinflation lasts before rates return to their pre-crisis normality?  Steve Herbert, in his regular column for the Employer News website, explores this important – but still largely overlooked – element of the cost-of-living crisis.

Publication:  Employer News

National Insurance increase to be reversed

The news that the new Prime Minister and her Chancellor of the Exchequer intended to reverse the recent increases to National Insurance was announced the day prior to the mini budget.  Partners& commented on this important development for the Personnel Today website.

Publication:  Personnel Today

Quiet quitting & employee engagement

So called “quiet quitting” is one of the hot topics of 2022, and our own Steve Herbert will be writing 4 linked articles to really explore the issues involved.  This first article in the series explores the significant links between employee engagement and quiet quitting.

Publication:  The Partners& Website

Mini-budget and HR

What does the so-called mini-budget mean for employers and their HR experts?  Steve Herbert casts his eyes over some of the more important changes for the Business in the News website.  Topics covered include the NHS promises around GP appointments, the National Insurance increase reversal, and personal taxation changes.

Publication:  Business in the News

We will of course continue to update our followers with our latest posts, comments, and thoughts throughout the year.