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In the news: Summer 2023

A short summary of some of the coverage featuring the Partners& team in the wellbeing, benefits, pensions, protection, and Human Resources media during the summer months of July and August 2023…

The Partners& team are now firmly established as a regular – and insightful – provider of expert commentary across a range of specialist media titles.

Below is a summary of just some of the key themes we have commented on over the summer months of July and August 2023 (with links embedded for those wishing to read the full article).


Exploring Flexible Working

The HR Voices Podcast invited Steve Herbert of Partners& to join them and discuss the many and tangled aspects of flexible working and “term-time only” employee contracts.  The full episode is available on Spotify and other major podcast platforms.

Platform:  Spotify


The next “fun and informative” Partners& Employment Webinar

Partners& have announced their latest must-attend webinar, and there is still time to join more than 350 other employer delegates at the event.  Full details (and how to register) via the link below.

Publication:  Partners& Website


The other NHS crisis

The national media focus is firmly on the overall NHS waiting list, yet there is also a clear and growing crisis of access to NHS dental care which is so often overlooked.  Steve Herbert explores this issue in his monthly contribution to the Employer News website.

Publication:  Employer News


HR & employees differ on financial wellbeing support

A recent survey suggests that most employers have some financial wellbeing support in place, but at least a third of employees are not aware of that support or how to access it.  Partners& add some useful insights to this topical and important story for the CIPD’s People Management Magazine.

Publication:  People Management Magazine


Breaking gender barriers in football

At long last a UK men’s professional football team has appointed a woman to a managerial position.  This landmark moment was reported on by the business-media platform LinkedIn – and includes an insightful and well-received article from our own Steve Herbert.

Publication:  LinkedIn News


Pay rises and productivity

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has suggested that pay rises should be awarded in line with increased productivity.  Yet how realistic is that during a cost-of-living and cost-of-borrowing crisis in the UK?  This article includes insights from the Partners& team.

Publication:  HR Magazine


Inflation and your employees

Is the cost-of-living crisis now behind us, and what happens next?  Steve Herbert responds to the welcome fall in inflation numbers in his July contribution to the Employer News website.

Publication:  Employer News


Business reacts to yet another Base Rate increase

The Bank of England announced the 14th successive base rate increase in August – and financial commentators (including our own Steve Herbert) were invited to provide insights on what is fast becoming another headwind for the UK economy, employers, and their employees.

Publication:  LinkedIn News


We will (of course) continue to regularly update our followers with our latest posts, comments, research, and thoughts here on the Partners& website.